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we give as Jesus gave with food and clothing drives

During the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said “you are the salt of the earth. If salt loses its taste, how can it be made to taste like salt again? It is no good. It is thrown away and people walk on it. You are the light of the world. You cannot hide a city that is on a mountain.” We spend each day following in His footsteps each and every day. Salt & Light Ministry draws its name from that famous sermon and aligns its mission closely with it. We organize food and clothing drives for Orlando and Central Florida residents and homeless people in need.

little girl smiling while in line for food

we believe no child should go hungry

Children deserve to live happy and fruitful lives, and at Salt & Light Ministry, we have a robust children’s outreach problem to address hunger and poverty. From ensuring they have a belly full of food before school to toy and clothing drives, we do our best to improve the lives of children living not just in Orlando and Central Florida, but throughout the country and globally.

we clothe the homeless in accordance with Christ’s message

At Salt & Light Ministry we tackle the homeless issue throughout Orlando and Central Florida as best as you can. It breaks our hearts to see our fellow human beings struggle, and we try to follow Christ’s example of giving and kindness. We organize drives and take the clothing to homeless shelters, The Salvation Army, and local donation centers.

salt & light ministry helps feed the less fortunate

We’re saddened by the plight of hunger that faces Orlando and Central Florida residents. We believe in serving the community and ensuring that each of us has access to healthy and filling meals. That’s why we organize food drives and place boxes at other churches and local businesses before delivering the canned goods to food pantries throughout the city.

volunteer at salt & light ministry

We’re always looking for volunteers. Giving back to your community is extremely rewarding. More importantly, it helps those who don’t ordinarily receive much help. Help Salt & Light Ministry organize food drives and feed the homeless by contacting us today.

create a better tomorrow by serving today